David is an independent music, art & prose maker who resides in Barcelona, Spain. He is currently in the midst of developing a new, longterm recording project which involves the release of a series of EPs, video collaborations and visual artworks over the next few years.
Jordi Pons, of Spain´s Rockzone magazine, reviewing the David Cevoli Band’s last album release, says of the songs on All Grown Up that they “transmit a sense of naturalness, romanticism and serenity that invite you to take off your shoes and throw yourself in the grass to stare at the clouds.”
Though influenced by a wide variety of musical genres, from early New Orleans jazz to 70s classic rock, from the Neapolitan songwriting tradition of his family’s roots to the the Grateful Dead, his most fundamental influences come from the great singer-songwriters of the 60s & 70s, many of whom he discovered in his parents record collection at a young age.
Born on the outskirts of New York City, he spent his youth alternating between two quite opposite settings, the tranquility of southern NY State´s lakes & mountains and the hyperactivity of Manhattan´s cultural whirlpool. He spent his summers and weekends in the forested parklands near his home, fishing, camping & cliff-jumping, but his father´s affinity for art and drama often carried him into the urban landscape, as well, where his fascination with the potency of stage performance was awakened at a young age in the darkened theaters of Broadway and in the smaller playhouses of lower Manhattan. This contrast, between social, cultural engagement and removed, tranquil reflection, offers the best framework to understand his work, which can be described as introspective, psychological and immediate.

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