Christmas in New York

Can’t wait to be in New York. On December 23rd I’ll be on Continental’s splendidly convenient Barcelona to Newark flight, and I’m so looking forward to some time with family and friends.
Life in Barcelona rolls along. We’ve got some cool gigs upcoming, so check the calendar for those.
At long last I can finally say with certainty that my debut album will be out very soon. Don’t have an exact date, but my produced has promised that I’ll have it within the month of January. The official release date will be soon after (our gig at Bar Electric on the 12th of February will likely the CD Release Party).

On the tail end of that, we should be entering the studio for the first time as a band sometime in February, as well, with a local producer named Simon Smith from BCN Sound.

We’ve been working with a new lead guitarist recently, as well, a mild-mannered Argentinian by the name of Damian Dichi, and his first show with the band is upcoming. Over the next few weeks and months, we should be incorporating him into our current repertoire increasingly more, so stayed tuned. Wishing everyone a wonderful, tranquil winter.

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