The New Band

The first show with the new band went well. We played in a little art studio called the Gracia Arts Project off the Plaza Sant Jaume. I’m definitely excited about the new line-up. Roberto is in sound engineering school here in Barcelona, and a friend introduced us because she knew that Roberto was looking for musicians to record for his school projects… so I went into the studio with him one day to record a bit, and we hit if off. When he heard I was looking for a new guitarist we made plans to get together to try things out. He’s got a real grungy-blues edge that I love, much more loose than the last guy I was playing with. I found Josep through a musicians’ message board, and he’s just fantastic… a real stroke of luck, studious, always prepared and filled with ideas. The bass arrangements he shows up with are absolutely gorgeous and really well-suited to the songs.
We basically had only two rehearsals together plus the gig, but I think all four of us are feeling that things are clicking really well so far. We definitely have some work ahead of us, a bunch more songs to arrange plus some kinks to iron out, but we’ve been having loads of fun, and that’s the most important thing. Hopefully, over the next few months we’ll really put some work in, so that by the time I back from a little trip in July, we’ll be ready to start booking loads of shows for the late summer and into the fall. Stay well, people.

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